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Heritage Trip to India

Heritage Trip to India - We don't even realize what we've been bestowed with as we just exist through the rich heritage that we Indians have been blessed with. When we say that we have only one life it only means that we cannot relate to the life stories and experiences that are scattered around us in the form of our Indian heritage, forts and palaces. These structures and the modern lifestyle are diametrically opposite to each other but they coexist in a manner that one complements the other Indian Heritage. A history that has literally been written on the land surface of our country India Heritage Travel... you cannot but read and soak it one by one, wall by wall, as you read more ... the thirst for more emanates from within. From snow clad mountains to the sea side, from deserts with shifting sand dunes to lush green country sides, from ancient relics and architectural ruins that take us back into antiquity to modern cities India Heritage Travel, India has it all Heritage Trip to India. So, enjoy all we've been blessed with as we take you through a tour of our Indian Heritage.

India heritage travel - Fort and Palace Architecture

Heritage India Tours - There generally existed a perception in the west that in the world of art and architecture - all the Indian architecture was summarily described as religious and hence was not given proper importance that it deserved. To some extent in practice, it was really the case as earlier, it was believed that the best of raw materials for buildings should only be used for the places of worship and stone was only used for fortification purposes Heritage Trip to India. The world over, religious beliefs have shaped various facets of life and therefore India should not be singled out for this. But, while studying Indian architecture one could hardly ignore the urban character of Harappan civilization or universal and secular culture of Mauryan reign in India. Most of the earlier secular architecture in India has not survived the vagaries of time as they were made from wood. "Toranas", the public gateways that were constructed by many rulers throughout India are the most potent example of the heights that Indian architecture achieved in those days. India's forts have been mistakenly believed to have been mostly an Islamic tradition and the ones built by Rajputs have been treated as different from other forts. The truth, however, is that the forts have stood there long before the invaders came and conquered them. Over time, the Indian rulers found people who had mastered the art of enormous fort building. Even in palaces, the art of ensuring proper ventilation and exposure to light was acquired and along with all this, they never lost any chance to dot the structures with intricate decoration. The Mughal architecture went down steeply after Aurangzeb came into power but that paved the way for ascendence of regional kingdoms and their architecture, which although was somewhat influenced by the Islamic architecture, but it also had its own distict elements.

Heritage India Tours - Peek into the past

India Cultural Trip - There are moments when myths and legends are attached with the forts and palaces that defy imagination. But even these tales provide a lead into what might have transpired or caused the construction of these landmarks. Even now we can connect these landmarks with various events mentioned in our ancient epics. The fusion in the architectural styles is an indication clear enough that goes to show how different ruling dynasties took what they thought was good in others and adapted it according to their own beliefs India Cultural Trip.