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Jain Temples and innumerable Jain shrines dotting the Indian landscape, area testament to the Jain Tirthankars (enlightened ones), who spread their message of peace, non violence, love and enlightenment as a way of salvation, freeing themselves from the continual cycle of birth and rebirth and, in the process managed to build some of the most stunning architectural landmarks in the country. Dedicated to Lord Mahavira-the founder of Jainism, these temples also have idols of Hindu deities in them. The essence of this great religion and its preaching can be seen in the cave temples, in the elaborately decorated carved stones and in the numerous illustrated manuscripts scattered across Uttar Pradesh. A good time to travel is October to March.
 The most popular Jain Temples in India are :-

Dilwara Temples

 The five legendary Dilwara temples in Rajasthan, 2.5 km from Mount Abu are an example of extraordinary architecture of the Jain Temples. These temples can be dated back to the 11th and 13th centuries and are made of Marble, shaded by groves of simple beauty and exquisite elegance. They are a reminder of honesty and frugality encouraged in the Jain religion. Although the Jains built some beautiful temples at other places in Rajasthan but none come close to these in terms of architectural perfection. These are the most popular Jain Temples all over India. The inside of these temples have beautiful carvings, depicting the various gods and goddesses.

Palitana Temples

 These temples are located on the shetrunjaya hills and are considered to be the most sacred of all Jain Temples. There's a huge complex consisting of nearly 863 temples, exquisitely carved in marble. The construction of these temples took more than 900 years . These stunning temples are a must see in your visit to northern part on India.


 Ranakpur in Rajasthan is one of the five most important pilgrimage sites for Jainism. Situated in the Aravali hills, it is home to extraordinarily gorgeous temples, the first to have been built by the Jain community. It is said that the town of Falna donated more than 90 kg of gold for the inner decoration of this temple. With its beautiful marble carvings and 1500 pillars, each different from the other, this is an extraordinary temple. Watching the sun shift through these pillars as they change colors from gold to pale blue will be a remarkable experience.

Other Jain Temples in India are -

 Jain Golden Temple in Falna, Sravanabelagola, Khandagiri Caves, Udaigiri, Kalugumalai in Tamil Nadu, Sri Digambar Jain Lal Mandir (Delhi), sittannavasal in Tamil Nadu, Chitral in Tamil Nadu, Hati-gumph in Orissa, Tirupparut-Tikunram in Tamil Nadu, Girnar, Vallimalai, Ajitnath Temple in Gujrat.