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India is perceived as one of the veiled land of secrecy for millions of people around the world. One of the most common wrong notions about Discover India Tours is that it is a land of saints, withered children, mystical fakirs, dust, heat and unmanageable democracy. Even though it may seem true on the face of it but India is definitely much more than that. For Indians, this land is a place of trillions of memories, which holds deep roots in the history and culture and holds promising future.

Indian shores are spanned across 3.2 million km and its history records date back to as far as 5000 years. This land holds tales of epic battle of Mahabharat from which the exotic Vedas originated. It is a land that has witnessed innumerable invasions from the West but we have borne the brunt of each of them as they came along.

India tourism guide lets you explore this land of enchanting extreme grandeur and a land that has been called as a "Golden Bird" for centuries due to its wealth it held in itself. Each temple, palace, fort in India was weighted in gold and for centuries the invaders have invaded the land for this wealth. Every time they invaded, each invader returned richer than before to his mainland. India has survived all the wars on its heartland and all the heads that have rolled on its mainland. After 1526, Mughals established perhaps the biggest dynasty of India. They ruled for more than three centuries before the British took over their reigns from ruling Mughals whose kingdom was distraught with corruption, factionalism and laziness.

World's most ancient religions like Hinduism and Buddhism have evolved in India, which are still surviving and are being followed. Oldest religions and thousands of dialects exist in India simultaneously. This country holds the biggest monument of love, the Taj Mahal built in the alabaster-white marble. Modern India stands tall as a hub of technology and compassion with a strong ruling democracy. A nation that cannot be paralleled easily is only one and that is - India or Hindustan.